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 Etiquette in Giving and Receiving a Business Card

Etiquette in Giving and Receiving a Business Card

When handing a business card, it is simply a way of introducing yourself on paper. Rule number one, you should not give a business card that is defaced or dirty because you definitely would not go for an interview with rugged clothing.

Always give a business card with your right hand or both hands and NEVER at any time with the left hand. If you travel for international business trips, it is an insult in some countries to give anything with your left hand.  You should also present the business card while having an eye contact with the recipient and while putting on a smile. This is a way of indicating that you are engaged with the recipient .

When receiving one too, DO NOT use your left hand to receive the business card, rather use both hands or the right hand to receive.  Once you receive it, take some time to scan through it and comment on it. Do not slide it on your back pocket and sit on it. Carefully slide it in your business card holder and once in the office, enter the contact information on it in your database. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you lose the business card you have to ask for another one from the client.

Different countries have different etiquette of presenting business card, so if you are travelling outside your country, take some time to study the etiquette of your destination.

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